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Cute dog

Staying entertained

Pets are family. They live for us, and we often live for them. But when confined to our homes, they often spend their lives resting, waiting for those few moments of love. No longer! In our community, your pet will spend the day surrounded with friends, playing, taking walks, and having the time of their lives.


A study of their food

If domesticated animals were not domesticated, they would often be eating other animals in the wild. Their composition seems to require an animal diet for optimal health. But eating (usually stronger) animals that go through slaughter houses isn’t natural, and contributes to a distorted system. Can we bring back a natural balance?

Cat ok?

Choices, choices, choices

When getting a pet, our hearts lead the way. Isn’t it impossible not to fall in love with certain puppies? But as years pass, the environment we offer may not be the best possible choice. Can we make our pets’ long-term wellbeing come first? Can we ensure that every pet has a loving home?

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